How to Sell Used Clothes Online

Most of the stores that accept second-hand clothes have very high standards for quality. Most demand that the clothes must be fashionable should be cared for, and are appropriate for the next season. These stores usually price their clothes at one-third of the original cost and give you one-third of it for your profit. For a $150 jacket, you can only get a paltry $16. While this amount is too low, it exceeds the profit that you’d get if the jacket continued sitting in the closet. What about the clothes that may be too pre-worn for you to sell them? Is it possible for you to get any financial advantage from them? In this piece, you will earn how you can resell your clothes to an online store for more.

Know your market

The key to successfully sell second-hand clothes online either to a customer or a second-hand store first know what those clothes will sell before buying them. This task can be such a daunting one as there are thousands upon thousands of brands.  There are those brands that do well with a specific gender. Therefore, you need to do your homework.

If you know little or nothing about brand names, you may find yourself spending many hours online researching various platforms for selling clothes online. Try to figure out what sold well and sell such to an online store. If you can, write down up to 30 brands that you should try to keep an eye out for.

When you go out to the thrift shop, smuggle in your list of brand names and start to hunt through the racks. You will purchase a lot more brands that purchasing without any knowledge on brands. These brands will sell well when it comes to selling them online or to an online store for selling second-hand clothes.

Take pictures of the clothes

Now go home and start taking photos of the clothes. After that, list them up on eBay or your favorite online store for selling second-hand clothes and wait for bids to start streaming in. Also, don’t forget to set the minimum price and the profit margin that you want. If you buy a pair of jeans for $10, make the minimum bid to be $17 or thereabouts.

Used clothes are not something that will start a bidding war, not until they are vintage or are collectible. Therefore, ensure that your minimum bid is at least high enough for you to get a profit that you require.

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