Tips to Sell Clothes Online Successfully

Even as it is possible to sell clothes online, some websites don’t require you to do the marketing, and they will simply handle everything and get their cut when the product gets sold. These websites will even get their professional photographer to take professional pictures of the clothes you are intending to sell online. On the other hand, there are those that need you to do everything from marketing to selling. The best thing with these sites is that you get more profit. If you want to sell successfully on such websites, here is what you should do.

  1. Only take high-quality photos

Ensure that you take high-quality photographs of the clothes you want to sell online. Strive to use bright, consistent lighting. Also, use uncluttered background. It is also important to take those photos from multiple angles so that your customers can know exactly what they will get.

  1. Set a reasonable price

Consider the one-third-rule is you are personally responsible for setting the price of your clothes. It is advisable to set the price at one-third of the retail price if you are selling clothes for cash. If you are selling a pre-worn garment that was bought at $150, then you need to set your price at $50. If that garment is like a new one, then it won’t hurt if you adjusted the price a bit higher, say $70 to $100.

  1. Describe it fully

The final thing to do if you want to sell clothes online successfully is to make sure that your customers find what you are selling. Be sure to put a label on your clothes and label it. Write down a brief but elaborate description of the brand, its color, its size or any other information that the customer should know about the clothes.

Get straight to the point as this is the only way to ensure the product appears in the search results. For instance, you can say A Green North Face Pullover, Size 5 In Perfect Condition. This description is nice and clear. Any customer will understand precisely what they are buying.


Online consignment stores connect you to a broad market. However, they’re not the only option if you intend to sell clothes for cash. While selling here is lucrative and effortless, you can also take the clothes to the brick-and-mortar shops.  Ensure you do the above and you will surely be able to succeed online, selling clothes.


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